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Six tricks you can try when cooking at home with Ghee

Whoever has learnt cooking from their mothers and grandmothers always have an upper hand in the kitchen, because of the little anecdotes that have been passed on to them from the older, more expert generation. These culinary gems not only make things easier during preparation, but also elevate the taste of what’s cooking! But not everyone is privileged enough to have been taught to cook. With the coming of the internet and a massive database of Indian recipes online, there are more self-taught cooks now than ever before!

But nobody needs to feel left behind! We’re opening up grandma’s box of secrets which will reveal how you can use pure Ghee to salvage your cooking disasters and add that little extra magic to your culinary creations. Here are six tricks you can try when cooking at home with Aashirvaad Svasti Pure Cow Ghee.

  1. Have some old, stale desi Ghee? Do not discard it! Freshen it up by boiling it with a little yogurt. Keep the ratio as one kilo of Ghee to two tablespoons of yogurt. Once it boils, cool it, strain it and reuse. Remember, there’s always a way to recycle and reuse food. Never waste!
  2. The world loves Italian food, and Risotto is a worldwide favourite. The dish is rich in starch, but did you know that if you wash the Risotto rice before cooking, you will lose the starch that is essential to the dish? Instead, toast the rice in Aashirvaad Svasti Ghee so that each grain is lightly coated. This will also help the rice absorb the cooking sauce gradually and release its starch slowly. Try this trick and you will see that your Risotto will turn out creamier than ever!
  3. Some of us prefer food that’s closer to home, because no matter what, there’s nothing like Indian cooking like the quintessential ‘Dal – Chaawal’. Enhance the taste of dal by adding a few pinches of turmeric powder and a teaspoon of Aashirvaad Svasti Ghee to it before pressure cooking. You will relish the difference in taste and wipe your plate clean!
  4. Using pure Ghee to fry greatly improves the taste of your food. Making vegetable stir-fry ? Use Aashirvaad Svasti Ghee in place of cooking oil or butter. It won’t brown, and it will also take your dish to a whole new level in terms of flavour.
  5. Choose Ghee over any other vegetable oil or butter when cooking at high heat because it has a higher smoke point. When oil starts to smoke, it not only gets stinky, but also makes your food unhealthy. When fat reaches high temperatures, compounds can be damaged. Pure Ghee has a smoking point of 400-500 degrees- much higher than most other oils and fats, which makes it a healthier, and definitely tastier option, when cooking at high heat.
  6. Seasoning cooked food always adds an extra level of flavour to the food. You can also mix some herbs and other seasoning with the Ghee and use it as a rub when making roast potato. You could also use Ghee in Indian cooking along with mustard and cumin seeds to season hot Rasam or Sambar. This will give your food the magical finishing touch it needs!

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