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About Aashirvaad Svasti Fresh Dairy

Aashirvaad Svasti Fresh Dairy products include Pouch Milk, Pouch Curd, Pouch Lassi and Paneer. Aashirvaad Svasti’s Richer, Thicker and Tastier* high-quality milk passes through 75 quality checks in 5 stages to ensure product consistency and consumer satisfaction every day. Aashirvaad Svasti Toned Milk, Creamy Milk and Double Toned Milk are fortified with Vitamin A and D. Vitamin A is known to support immunity^! Just like milk, all other products also go through several quality checks before reaching the end consumer. Currently, Aashirvaad Svasti’s fresh dairy range is available in Kolkata and more than 23 cities in Bihar.

*as compared to unhomogenised milk
^Aashirvaad Svasti Milk is fortified with Vitamin A and D. Basis RDA for adult sedentary male (ICMR, 2010)

Pouch Milk

Select Milk

Aashirvaad Svasti Select Thick and Nutritious Milk was launched in October 2020. This one of a....

Creamy Milk

Aashirvaad Svasti’s Pasteurized Homogenised Creamy Milk is rich in taste and has an aroma that....

Full Cream Milk

Rich, decadent, delicious and creamy - these are just a few words used to describe Aashirvaad.....

Cow Milk

ITC Aashirvaad Svasti Pasteurized Cow Milk promises purity and quality in every drop. Our milk....

Toned Milk

Milk tastes better when it’s rich and thick. Aashirvaad Svasti’s Pasteurized Homogenised Toned....

Homogenised Milk

Homogenising milk involves processing the milk to reduce the size of fat globules in the milk ....

Double Toned Milk

Aashirvaad Svasti’s Homogenised Pasteurized Slim Milk (Double Toned Milk) is low-fat (1.5% Min....

Slim Milk

Aashirvaad Svasti’s Homogenised Pasteurized Slim Milk (Double Toned Milk) is low-fat (1.5% Min....

ghee diary right

Creamy And Soft Paneer

Aashirvaad Svasti paneer

Creamy and Soft Aashirvaad Svasti Paneer is made from high-quality milk and is packed using a special vacuum pack technology that ensures good texture and softness even after cooking. For your next meal, you can bite into some creamy delicious paneer cooked to perfection in your favorite recipe.

Thick and Tasty Curd

Aashirvaad Svasti Curd

Curd is a staple in most Indian households and a healthy serving enhances the experience of having a meal with family and friends. Aashirvaad Svasti Curd is made from pasteurized toned milk with a special blend of cultures to give its consumers the delightful experience of thick and tasty curd.


Aashirvaad Svasti tvc hindi

There’s nothing like a cool drink on a hot day! Aashirvaad Svasti’s refreshing Svasti Lassi is a high-quality traditional summer refresher that’s made using a special blend of cultures and available in Rose Flavor. Launched during the summer of 2020, this great-tasting drink is a must-try.