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Creamy And Soft Paneer

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Creamy and Soft Aashirvaad Svasti Paneer is made from high-quality milk and is packed using a special vacuum pack technology that ensures good texture and softness even after cooking. For your next meal, you can bite into some creamy delicious paneer cooked to perfection in your favorite recipe.

Key Features:

  • Creamy, Soft and Tasty

  • Retains softness even after cooking

  • Made from high-quality ingredients

Pack sizes: 190 g & 500 g vacuum pack.
Fresh Paneer (Available in West bengal)
Shelf life: 15 days shelf life from the date of packaging.
Retort Paneer (Available in Bihar & Jharkhand)
Shelf life: 45 days shelf life from the date of packaging.

Recommended refrigeration below 6 degrees.
Currently available in selected cities of West Bengal, Bihar & Jharkhand.

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